Euro Company | May 22nd 2023
Dutch Retail Inspiration Tour

Greetings and welcome to the Netherlands! Although our country may be small in size, it is brimming with diversity. Our multicultural society and varying population densities require a unique approach to retail. Unlike our larger neighboring countries, we do not have an affinity for massive hypermarkets. While our stores may be relatively small, our product ranges are not! Convenience is highly valued by the Dutch, particularly when it comes to fresh food and ready-to-eat meals. Additionally, the Dutch have a strong affinity for nuts.

During your visit to Holland, we invite you to partake in our diverse program and gain insights into the Dutch retail market. Have a great time!

During this retailtour you will visit the following inspirational retail concepts and formulas:

Market leader in supermarkets
Albert Heijn Extra Large, or in short: AH XL. It is the largest store concept within the Albert Heijn retailformula and a source of inspiration for great food and drinks. Large in retailsurface and large in numbers, with more than 30 XL-stores and counting. Besides the XL concept Albert Heijn has 2 more concepts: AH Supermarket and AH To Go. They have a market share just over 35%, more than 1100 stores and over 50 pick-up points in total. Albert Heijn is an Ahold Delhaize brand. Ahold Delhaize is one of the world’s largest food retail groups and market leader in supermarkets, e-commerce and a company at the forefront of sustainable retailing.

A different kind of marketplace

In October 2019, Udea, known from Ekoplaza – the largest organic super in the Netherlands – took over the Randstad chain Marqt. The coöperation is known as Ekoplaza Foodmarqt. It is a different kind of marketplace; a chain of authentic food stores as an alternative to the traditional supermarket. Ekoplaza Foodmarqt has a goal: to switch to a food chain that makes good, tasty and healthy food more accessible to everyone. Unique about Ekoplaza Foodmarqt is their focus on local products. The formula uses local suppliers as much as possible. With a number of new services, they focus on convenience and quality for the customer. The emphasis is on speed and convenience, in addition to a complete range of fresh and local groceries. Fish comes straight from the auction, bread is baked in the in-store bakery, fruits and vegetables come from local growers, meat by Dutch farmers, there are freshly prepared meals, farmhouse cheeses and a wide range of sustainable groceries. The more people opt for better food, the greater and more sustainable the effect. Marqt, choosing better food together.

From farmer’s son to supermarket tycoon

The first supermarket in the Netherlands was opened in 1953. The man who turned this supermarket into a multimillion-dollar company was the simple, uneducated farmer’s son Dirk van den Broek from Amsterdam West. After the opening in ’53 it goes fast. Dirk opens a lunchroom, introduces a new type of snackbar and in 1956 he is the first to bring espresso to the people of Amsterdam. In 1959 Dirk enters the hospitality industry and opens a restaurant and takes over a hotel. In the 60’s he opens his first drugstore and starts the travel agency D-reizen, which has since become the largest online and offline travel retailer in the Netherlands. In the 1970’s he started the discount formula Digros. In three quarters of a century, the Dirk van den Broek formula has grown into a successful supermarket chain with more than 125 stores throughout the Netherlands and supplies more than 1.6 million customers with all kinds of products every week. Dirk offers these products for the lowest prices in the Netherlands. The focus at Dirk is therefore always on the best price-quality ratio.

Every day the best groceries

Jumbo is the runner-up retailer in the Netherlands. 10,28 billion revenue, 22% market share, over 700 stores and an online growth off 30%. Where supermarkets used to fight a tough battle with price as a main weapon, retailer Jumbo now shows up with other assets to entice consumers: service. In their formula Jumbo Food Market an army of chefs must serve hungry consumers’ needs with meals that can be partially or completely finished at home or, if desired, can be eaten on site in Jumbo’s Foodcafe. It is a concept that has not previously been seen in the Netherlands. The Jumbo Food Market especially wants to focus on craftsmanship, both in supply and in perception. An integral part of the Jumbo strategy: every day the best groceries.

Awardwinning retailer

Good food, that is what they love at PLUS. With more than 550 supermarkets, PLUS is at the front of developments around good food. 400 of these are run by independent entrepreneurs, about 150 stores are branches. Providing good food, taking care off the neighborhood and each other. The PLUS formula regularly wins prizes. In 2021, PLUS came out on top in the GfK Summer Report as the best national supermarket in the Netherlands. They have also received the title of Most Responsible Supermarket 7 times. For example, they switched to exclusively organic products for private label dairy and in 2021 PLUS paid the highest Fairtrade premium of all supermarkets in the Netherlands . PLUS has also been proclaimed Best Wine Supermarket for many years. And the unique online proposition has been awarded the prize for Best Webshop Supermarket.

Dutch retail trends

The evening afterthe tour our retail experts and tour guides for this trip, Mr. John Uffing and Mr. Fons Blomhert share their knowledge and give you inside information about the Dutch foodretail in Retail Trends presentation.

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